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Robotics is a rapidly growing field in India with most of the manufacturing industries looking to automate their processes.

A highly skilled workforce is highly demanded in all aspects of the manufacturing and service industry involving industrial robots. Arist Automation Industrial Robotics Training in Indore and Bhopal provides practical training in robot programming and simulation accompanied by live industrial application in each robotic work cell.

The objective of Arist Automation is to provide comprehensive training on theoretical and practical aspects of industrial robotics with online and offline programming in Indore and Bhopal. The participants will also be involved in the programming of industrial robotics for various industry applications.

Beyond manufacturing, transportation, and construction, they are applied in healthcare, exploration, environmental protection, and other field and service applications, with exciting and significant impacts on industry and society. In this course, we will learn how to design, select and operate intelligent robots and autonomous systems, and how to plan effective implementation and application of robotic automation.

Nowadays the majority of manufacturers use Industrial Robots for continuous and precise manufacturing, which creates huge opportunities for Robotics Certified Engineers. 

Training an Industrial Robot Using AI

manufacturers are always trying to streamline the manufacturing process, engineers are always looking for new ways to efficiently and easily train industrial robots. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an efficient method of teaching an industrial robot new skills.

  •  In depth knowledge of Robotics
  •  Practical practice on robots
  •  Robot Project to be completed in the course
  •  Industrial visit
  •  Internship to work on industrial robots for (optional)
  •  Placement, support
  •  Certification

Industrial Robotics Benefits

  • Take over repetitive tasks
  • Make human jobs easier
  • Reduce mistakes and waste 
  • Improve productivity and output
  • Reduce risk of injury

How Robotics Change The Workplace

It’s a misconception that industrial robots completely replace humans. Instead, we know how to work alongside these helpful robots. Industrial robots take over repetitive or hazardous tasks so humans can focus on those that require more skill. Your robotic automation systems will also need human supervision, as well as maintenance and repairs.

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