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Crane Anti Collision System

Crane Anti-Collision system helps to stop or slow down cranes when two cranes are traveling towards each other and prevents crane to crane collisions. 
The system consists of an emitter and sensor module and a special reflector. The emitter emits the waves in the direction of the reflector. The reflector reflects these infrared waves back to the sensor. The sensor senses the presence of these reflected waves and activates an alarm signal and stops / reduces the speed of the crane . Thus if the two cranes are away from each other then the reflected waves will not reach the sensor and the cranes operate normally. 
The crane position is determined dynamically with continuous distance measurements – such as to adjacent walls or cranes – using Symeo LPR®-1D24 wireless sensors. The wireless distance measurements are based on Symeo´s patented LPR® technology, which operates in the license-free 24 GHz ISM band. Since the measurement antenna is integrated in the 1D24 housing, it only takes an approximate alignment of the wireless sensors to receive precise measurement results.

All of the crane measurement data can be read by any 1D24 station and forwarded via wireless communication. The system is flexible enough to incorporate and output other raw data, such as crane movements.

These devices not only protect the expensive material handling equipment in your plant, but it also protects your operators. If operators are traveling in cab operated cranes, this crane anti-collision sensor can audibly alarm them, causing them to slow down their crane and prevent potential accidents.
Arist Automation - Crane

A direct relay switch makes it possible to implement the system without additional programmable controls (PLC). Using the Collision Control Center, which can be called up in a web browser, the 1D24 units can be easily commissioned. This eliminates the need for detailed programming knowledge or the installation of separate software.

Automation of Drip Irrigation Pipe Making Machine

Drip Machine - Arist Automation

The demand of automation of modern machines and plants is steadily growing in all industries. Arist Automation has been successful in automating the entire Drip irrigation pipe making process. With the automation systems from Arist, you can cover all requirements while benefiting from maximum efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Drip irrigation pipe making consists of – extrusion line machine and drip irrigation pipe extruder machine.

Our comprehensive system works with highest speed and the performance is very stable. Intelligent functions of this system, such as whole line sync control without any deviation. One touch speed increase or decrease control, high precision temperature control etc, ensure the reliable and convenient operation of the line.

Automation of production line helps in increase of productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness for companies. 

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