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Control Panel Designing


A Control Panel or Industrial Control Panel (ICP) is systematic and standard arrangement of components like motor controllers, relays, switches, circuit breakers and related control devices including pushbutton stations, selector switches, timers and control relays, with associated wiring, terminal blocks, pilot lights and similar components. Arist Automation is leading control panel designing company in Indore and Bhopal.

Control Panel design could mean two closely related things. One could be the design of the relationships and connections between the electrical and control system in a panel (drawing the schematics). The other thing (which is closely related) is laying out the physical location of those components within the panel. Usually, you have to do both if you are designing a control system. For panel layout, you need to physically arrange the components (usually using CAD software) to fit everything into the panel while taking into account efficient use of space, heat dissipation, compliance with electrical codes and regulations, ease, of assembly and repair. In addition, you need to take into consideration how the finished panel will fit wherever it is being installed.

Control Panel Design-Arist Automation

Control Panel Designing Process

At Arist Automation, our specialty is designing and building control panels for various industries and environments.  We can start with anything from an idea to a complete set of drawings/functional specifications.

Our expert engineers review the information provided, ask all the relevant questions and provide the highest quality designs.

Control panel design is a complex process. With rapidly advancing automation technology, ever increasingly demanding applications, and more stringent regulatory rules and regulations have made it difficult to design cost-effective and robust control solutions. Our team comprises of conversant & competent engineers who design the best products, they are experts in industrial control panels and industrial control systems.

Control Panel Design 1 - Arist Automation

As a perceived panel designer, all our modern control panels are planned and assembled dependent on recommended procedures. We make design layout of the equipment, including power sources and wiring, making utilization of space, while guaranteeing that all hardware is open for support and fixes. With AutoCAD capacities, we can rapidly and effectively execute any progressions through all phases of the plan. And give full documentation to meet legal requirements.

Our good connections in the marketplace give us a strategic advantage with regards to evaluating, as admittance to driving edge industry patterns, and best accessible parts. This implies we can offer quick help and fast results to finish your project on time and on a spending plan.

Regulatory Requirements we ensure each and every Industrial Control Panels (ICP’s) meet a number of regulatory requirements including compliance to specified standards and listings.

Arist Automations is one of the best Control Panel Designer in Bhopal and Indore, India. We are also recognized as PLC Automation companies in Indore, India & deal in industrial automation and instrumentation products and solutions.

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