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Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems play a major role in the success of a facility

  • First, these systems often require substantial floor space and/or building volume for Equipment and distribution elements that must be accommodated during the design process.
  • Second, HVAC systems constitute a major budget item for numerous common building types.
  • Third, the success or failure of thermal comfort efforts is usually directly related to the success or failure of a building’s HVAC systems.
  • Last, maintaining appropriate thermal conditions through HVAC system operation is a major building energy consumption.

Industrial Training in HVAC Design Engineering

Arist Automation Course is prepared for the entry-level Fresher & Experience Engineers in the field of Air Conditioning Systems. This course is also useful for people who are dealing in HVAC products. This Course fills the gap between the Theoretical Study & the real practical design of HVAC systems.

Arist Automation Course is based upon theoretical & Practical design calculation & deeply focused upon the design of various components. This course is divided into two-phase first phase is based upon the study & design of the HVAC system and the second phase is based upon case studies & practical design of HVAC Systems.

HVAC Design and Drafting

Arist Automation training course covers the full range of HVAC systems used in today’s facilities. This is comprehensive training providing the students with a detailed description of how HVAC systems operate.

HVAC Design Engineering Training

Arist Automation is providing skill development and job-oriented training on Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Design Training which is fully based on Design calculation and software oriented, All HVAC Design Calculations are based on ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard and Indian norms. HVAC systems have become the required industry standard for the construction of new buildings which includes Duct sizes, air ventilation, air load calculation.

HVAC Design Course

The objective of the course is to provide design knowledge of HVAC Systems to working Professionals or fresh Engineers.

Arist Automation Learning Objectives

  • At the end of the course, the candidate shall be able to Understand the concepts of thermodynamics and heat transfer as applicable to the commercial HVAC industry
  • Choose the right type of Air conditioning system as applicable to a project
  • Perform a cooling load calculation
  • Design air distribution system
  • Design chilled water system
  • Perform Engineering calculations like ESP Calculation, Pump head calculation, etc
  • Choose the right equipment’s for the project

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