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Best Automation and Robotics Courses In Bhopal & Indore

Automation is playing an increasingly important role in the world of economics and in everyday practice. The Automation and Robotics course will provide you with the deep knowledge and practical experience you need to play a vital role in the world of automation technology and robotics. Automation & Robotics is a branch of Engineering, that deals with the conception, design, production, and operation of robots. It is a combination of and covers many areas of engineering, including electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, automation, mechatronics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.

In these advanced courses, you will study the entire theory and practice of automation, from basic engineering to its application to an automated system. The program will also cover all aspects of electromechanical technology, including mechanics, electricity, electronics, hydraulics, tires, robotics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motion control, and HMI design.

The Automation & Robotics courses will provide a comprehensive learning environment and provide students with skills in next-generation robotics and automation systems. By exposing our students to course work in a variety of disciplines and preparing them to think about robotics from a holistic approach. Students have job opportunities in manufacturing, research and engineering, agriculture, mining, space exploration, power plant maintenance, and various other fields. After completing the course, they can work in laboratories, space exploration, manufacturing plants, mining, and organizations. Most robotic engineers work with private robot manufacturers as robot users. Robotic engineers who work for robotics manufacturers are sometimes referred to as robotic test engineers or automation systems engineers. Automation & Robotics Courses is one of the recognized vocational courses in India.

Arist Automation – Automation & Robotics Courses in Bhopal develops and provides quality academic programs that enable students to meet industry standards. We build a community of students with high ethical standards for conducting research and development in areas focused on national and international needs. Our Automation and Robotics courses increase students’ self-confidence through regular programs and practicals.

Automation and robotics play an important role in many modern manufacturing companies. However, there are some positions that can be easily obtained for an automation and robotics engineer. An automation and robotics engineer can find work in the following industries:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Defense contractors
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical research (development of prosthetic parts)

Robotic and automation technology uses control systems and information technology to reduce engineers’ efforts for human labor. Direct and long-term job opportunities exist in fields such as industrial automation, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, aviation, healthcare, and defense. This field is also used in common currents such as mechanical system/engineering design, electronic systems engineering, and control systems engineering.

Arist automation Automation and Robotics courses in Indore, MP, will provide a comprehensive learning environment and provide students with skills in next-generation robotics and automation systems. By exhibiting course work from a variety of disciplines, our students prepare to think about robotics from a holistic approach. This program will train skilled industry and researchers who can provide leadership in an increasingly technology-dependent world.

Our team has a qualified, dedicated, and erudite faculty with an average experience of more than 10 years. We have state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories, such as the Robotic Laboratory, the Automation Laboratory, the Robotic Simulation Laboratory, and others.

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