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Best PLC Training at Bhopal


There is an intense demand for automation-trained engineers in the Indian industry. One of the most preferred for automation is PLC training. Arist Automation has been providing PLC training at Bhopal for a long time and is considered as the best. At Arist Automation, we have trained more than 25,000 candidates who have benefitted immensely. By joining our centre for PLC SCADA, you will enhance your fitness to join one of our 500+ companies with whom we have tie ups to absorb our trained candidates.

To join our PLC Automation Programming, you must possess a BE, ME, MSC or a diploma in engineering. You can also choose between Industrial Automation Training and Process Automation depending on your needs. At our PLC Institute, you will be trained on the latest gadgets of international quality. Housing all the training for PLC Courses Center laboratory equipment is a laboratory housed in a building of 18,500 square feet.

All our training for DCS Training is done in real time situation so that you will be able to take up responsibilities independently when you join an industrial unit. At our Automation training we have a separate department devoted to placement services. The department has helped hundreds and thousands of engineers find the right job on time.

Our Industrial Automation Training Courses is brought to you by us in collaboration with 10 major brands. What makes our Process Automation Training centre the most preferred are: excellent placement record, advanced hardware, individual focus, unlimited practical and the highly qualified faculties. You can send us an online message to our scada training centre and we will give you all the information you want. You can also ask us for a customized solution for training needs which too we are able to provide. At our website you can also download brochures for the different training programs we conduct.Arist

Advanced Real Time Training in Industrial Automation

•  PLC Training

10 Major Brands of Advanced PLC’s

•   MMI Training

Honeywell, ABB, Siemens

•   SCADA Training

2 Major Brands

•   P&FI Training

Pneumatics & Field Instruments

•   DCS Training

2 Major Brands

•   PAC Training

Programmable Automation Controller Honeywell

•  VFD Training

ABB, Siemens

•  SERVO Training

Motion Control

Advanced Real Time Training in Process Automation

•             Distillation column

•             Steam generator

•             Steam Compressor

•             Pump

•             Heat exchange

•             Flash drum

•             Gas turbine

•             Furnace

•             Evaporator

•             CSTR

•             Plug flow reactor

•             Fixed bed reactor

•             Cogeneration boiler

 •            Excellent Placement Track Record

•             Advanced Hardware Facilities

•             Unlimited Practicals

•             Experienced Faculties

•             Individual Focus

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