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Industrial Automation Course Fees | Industrial Automation Course Duration | Advance Industrial Automation Training | Industrial Automation In Madhya Pradesh

More than 500+ Engineers are Trained & Benefited in CORE Career, Arist Automation Offers assured placement focused Project training on advanced industrial PLC automation and find out what is plc SCADA course fees detail.

Are you an Engineering fellow who is looking for an industrial automation course in Indore and Bhopal? Have you been continually searching the web for advanced industrial automation courses to Make your career? If you are the right candidate who is looking for a suitable industrial automation course to build a career in Engineering Core, you have arrived at the right place. At Arist Automation.

Arist Automation gives you a list of over 5+ Best Industrial Automation Training in Indore and Bhopal that will help you take your career to the next level. These affiliated institutes with MSME Certified of industrial automation course offer the students the ability to develop and concept according to all engineering principles. You might find the Arist Automation right institute for industrial automation training.

Arist Automation training programs provide the best practice in the latest technologies, trends, and labs in the immensely competitive areas of automation and robotics technologies. Arist Automation is an ISO-certified institute and MSME Certified training program also affiliated and Approved by AICET / RGPV.

Why choose Arist Automation?

Whether you are searching for an advanced industrial automation course, an industrial automation and control course, or industrial automation and robotics course, we have got you covered. With Arist Automation, you can easily explore. To begin with the search for the best industrial automation training course. You are then required to mention all the details according to your requirements. You can also choose to opt for an industrial automation course online or classroom training. 

Arist Automation Course, Fee and Duration

  1. Post Graduate Diploma In Industrial Automation (PGDIA)(MOD1) 

With 100% Placement

Fees- 29900/-

Duration 6 Months + 3 Months Internship Free

SCADA (InTouch), PLC’s (ABB, Siemens, Schneider), HMI, Electrical + Instrumentation + AC Drives + Basic of Advance Mechanical Systems +INSTRUMENTATION+Panel design+Industrial networking+sensors+protocols, plc and SCADA communication+hmi interface, VFD control +motor starter

  1. MSME Certified 100% Job ASSISTANCE Course In Industrial Automation (MOD1)

100% Placement/ Assistance

Fees- 19900/-

Duration 6 Months – 90 DAYS 

SCADA (InTouch), PLC’s (ABB, Siemens, Schneider), HMI, Electrical + Instrumentation + AC Drives + Basic of Advance Mechanical Systems +INSTRUMENTATION+Panel design+Industrial networking+sensors+protocols, plc and SCADA communication+hmi interface, VFD control +motor starter

  1. Arist Certified Automation Engineer (MOD3) – Certified Industrial Automation

SCADA (InTouch) + PLC’s (AB, Siemens)+ HMI + Hydraulic & Pneumatic systems+Vfd, Motors+ Vfd speed control

Fees- 9900/-

Duration- 45 days

  1. Arist Certified automation Engineer (MOD9) – Certified Industrial Automation SCADA (InTouch) + PLC’s (AB, Siemens)+ HMI

Fees- 6500/-

Duration- 30 days

  1. Arist Certified automation Engineer PLC & SCADA – (Certified Industrial Automation SCADA (InTouch) + PLC’s (AB)

Fees- 4500/-

Duration- 30 days

Why Industrial Automation Training In Arist Automation?

Arist Automation training with Industry experts, Industrial Automation facilitates to increase the product quality, reliability, and production rate while reducing production and design cost by adopting new, innovative, and integrated technologies and services. 

Today’s highly increasing competitiveness over the industry demands high quality and most consistent products with a competitive price. To address this challenge number of industries considering various new product designs and integrated manufacturing techniques in parallel with the use of automated devices.

Industrial Automation Course Fees


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Arist Automation Course Contents

Our Industrial Automation Course covers the following topics:

Module 1: IAE (Industrial Automation Engineer)

Duration: 3 months (100% placement)

• Programmable Logic Controllers

• Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

• Motion Control ( Drives & Motors)

• Panel Designing& AutoCad

• Process Instrumentation

• HMI (Human Machine Interface)

• Industrial Networking

• Distributed Control System

• Soft Skill Development

• Onsite Practical Exposure

Module 2: PLC, SCADA Course: Programmable Logic Controllers

• Digital Electronics Basics

• PLC Fundamentals, PLC Hardware & Architecture

• Wiring Different field Devices to PLC

• Creating applications with Programming Software

• Programming Languages, Basic Instructions

• Load /and /or/out / and Read / Write instructions

• Compare / Add / Sub /And /Or – Blocks instructions

• Move, File Handling, Timer, Counter block

• Master control /set /reset function

• Advance Instructions,

• Upload / Download / Monitoring of programs

• Forcing of I/Os, Fault finding/troubleshooting & documentation

• Monitoring/Modifying Data table values

• Communication with SCADA software

• Hands on experience on real time applications

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

• Introduction to SCADA Software

• Creating New SCADA Project

• Creating database of Tags

• Creating & Editing Graphic display

• Attaching controls to graphic objects, Sizing, Blinking, Filling, Analog Entry, Movement of objects, Visibility

• Real time & Historical Trending

• Creating Alarms & Events

• Application of scripts

• Communication with PLC/excel/different protocols

• Net DDE Communication

• Fault finding / Troubleshooting

Module 3: Motors & Variable Speed Drives

• AC Motors, Operations & limitations

• Starters: DOL, Star-Delta, Auto Transformer

• Motor control circuits, Interlocking, Inching and Reversing, etc.

• Introduction to AC Drives & Applications

• Criteria for Drives Selection

• Parameter Programming

• Designing of Drive Control panel

• Communication with PLC

• Fault finding / Troubleshooting

• Soft starters & their advantages over conventional starters

Module 4: Panel Designing

• Introduction to switchgears & accessories

• Basics of Control & Power Drawings

• Gen electrical Protections involve in panels

• Earthing and Electrical noise

• Load Management (connected load, running load, load factor)

• Gen Indications (Ammeters, Voltmeters, PF & KW meters)

• Preparation of General Arrangement Diagrams, Bus Bar sizing

• Preparation of power & control circuits

• General wiring Guidelines/practices

• Maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuits in live panels

Module 5: Process Instrumentation

• Various types of Transmitters/sensors used in industrial applications

• Position sensors: Photoelectric, Proximity, Encoders

• Temperature Measurement (RTD, Thermocouple, thermistor Working principle, types, selection guidelines)

• Flow Measurement, Working principle, types, selection guidelines

• Pressure Measurement, Working principle, types, selection guidelines

• Level Measurement, Working principle, types, selection guidelines

• Load measurement, Load cells

• Solenoid valves, Control valves, Smart transmitters

• Instrument transformers (CT, VT)

• Process Control Basics, Closed & Open loop control

• Process controllers (On-off, Proportional, PID)

Module 6: HMI

• Getting started with HMI

• Creating applications, Creating Tags

• Downloading / Uploading programs

• Creating Alarm Messages

• Communication with PLC

• Fault Diagnostics

Module 7: Distributed Control System

• Introduction to DCS

• DCS applications

• Hardware: Processor, I/O Modules, Communication, Bus Redundancy, etc.

• Application Difference between PLC & DCS

• Hands-on Practical on DCS Systems

Module 8: Industrial Networking (Ethernet, ControlNet, Modbus, Profibus, Fieldbus)

• Different Network Topologies & their importance

• Training on Nodes, Ports, Drivers, Hardware

• DH485 Ethernet DeviceNet ControlNet Modbus Profibus Fieldbus

• Hands-on practical on Networking of PLC.

Module 9: Summer / Winter Training (with Live Project) (Duration: 4 weeks)

Module 10: Customised Training/ In-Plant Training

We would carry the same brand of PLCs Drives and other hardware (installed in your plant/Facility) along with simulation kits to your plant to impart hands-on training. 

Industrial automation training is offered in both Bhopal and Indore office.

Course Objective

This course is aimed at equipping an Engineer /Diploma holder /B.Tech holder (in specific streams) with appropriate knowledge and skills required in configuring, programming, and operating Industrial automation systems with the use of Industrial Field Instruments, PLCs, SCADA/ HMI, and DCS.

Course Outcome

PLC/SCADA/DCS Engineers to meet the requirements of configuring, programming, installing and operating industrial automation systems.


  • BE /B.Tech /Diploma passed in the following discipline.
    Electrical/ Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Industrial Electronics/ Chemical Engineering/ Applied Electronics and Instrumentation/ Instrumentation & Control/ Electronics & Communication/ Mechatronics / Computer Science.
  • M.Sc in Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Industrial electronics.

What Candidates say About Arist Automation 

  • I got placed in one of the best CORE industry company before finishing my training in Arist Automation. Later I attended classes on weekends to finish my module. Excellent Technical & Placement staff with high quality LAB with advanced industrial automation and robotics training equipped with all PLC, SCADA, DCS, HMI, VFD, Control panel wiring & designing, etc.
  • I was searching for a Job in Core Industry and I found Arist Automation and I choose to undergo the Industrial Automation Training. I got Training in PLC/ SCADA/ DCS/ VFD and control panel wiring and also helped in getting into a small scale Automation company.

How to Apply

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