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DAM gate SCADA system

DAM SCADA and Automation

Major components of DAM SCADA
  • PLC as per IEC 62443-4-1 standard & has international certification of Achilles Certification Level II.
  • Gate Position Measuring System
  • Water Level Sensors.
  • IP based Bullet cameras and PTZ cameras
  • User authentication, user-based SCADA software with Server system & Large LED display with NIC Certification
  • UPS/DG Power backup during power failure
Benefits of Barrage/Dam Automation
  • Centralized Monitoring &controlling of Barrage/ Dam operations ensures development of Reliable Decision Support System with better response time.
  • Improved water management by getting accurate data of Dam/Barrages and its subsidiary canals.
  • Accurate and reliable measurement of discharge ensures improved efficiency of Irrigation system.
  • Reduction in human intervention minimizes Operational errors.
  • Remote monitoring of Barrage/Dam system will ensure the better supervision from management level.
  • We provide complete automation &Real time Data Acquisition, Monitoring and control of discharge through the main head / Cross regulators, off taking and minor’s canal system as per the dynamic operational schedule, by automatic gate operations using control logics.

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